We'll Rise to the Occasion

Try our artisan bread and rolls in Trenton or Mercerville, NJ or Levittown, PA.

Is there anything better than the aroma of artisan bread and rolls? When you stop by Italian Peoples Bakery in Trenton or Mercerville, NJ or Levittown, PA, you can savor not just the aroma, but the flavor of Italian bread fresh out of the oven.

Come check out of our selection of Italian bread and rolls now.

A tried and true favorite

What is it that makes bread so special? Most of us love it because:

  • It's versatile-Bread can be prepared in so many different ways, you can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch and dinner without eating it the same way twice.
  • It's cost-effective-Compared to a lot of other food staples, bread is typically cheaper and can last longer without spoiling.
  • There's so much variety-With so many sweet and savory options, it's hard not to find something you'll enjoy.

Call 609-394-7161 today to find out what kinds of artisan bread we have in store in Trenton or Mercerville, NJ or Levittown, PA.

  • Bread

    • Spolets & Sticks
    • Snakes
    • Italian Twists
    • Round Slice
    • Pullman (Italian White Bread)
    • Neapolitan
    • Vienna Bread
    • Whole Wheat Bread
    • Semolina (Made with Pure Duram Wheat Flour)
    • Salt and Sugar Free Pan Bread
    • Old Fashion Long, Mini Stick, Baguette
    • Old Fashion Round (Mini Round Slice)
    • Raisin Bread
    • Cinnamon Bread
    • Cinnamon/Raisin Bread
    • Ham & Cheese (Catania Bread)
    • Pizza Bread - Cheese & Sauce Only
    • Pizza Bread - Cheese Only
    • Rye & Pumpernickel Bread
    • Corn-Russian-Onion-Caraway-Garlic Rye
    • Double Rye & Double Half & Half Rye
    • Sicilian Twist Bread
    • Seeded Twist Rings

  • Rolls

    • Torps
    • Kaisers
    • Garlic Fingers
    • Seeded Kaisers
    • Horns
    • 1/2 Torps
    • Mini Kaisers
    • Mini Snowflake
    • Mini Hamburger
    • Dinner
    • Sweet
    • Mini Onion
    • Hot Dog
    • Hamburger
    • Snowflake
    • Wheat
    • Onion
    • Hoagie

  • Frozen Case Items

    • Garlic Bread (Small)
    • Pizza Dough (White or Wheat)
    • Bread Crumbs (unseasoned)
    • Bread Stuffing (unseasoned)

We offer Wholesale to restaurants and organizations.

Please call (609)-396-9869 for more information.